Admission Policy

Admission Policy

Please ensure that your application is complete when you submit it.
We are unable to process any incomplete applications.

Step 1:

For the initial application, we require the following:
1. A completed HISA application form, either online or hardcopy at school.
2. For transferring student a copy of the original school reports for the current academic year and the past two years, if applicable.

Step 2:

All applicants will be evaluated before admission. Followed by
1. A placement test that consists of a writing sample, standardized math test and standardized reading test is administered to all students.
2. Playschool and KG Stage applicants are assessed during an observation visit.
3. Interview with parents/student is done to gain more background information about the applicant.

Step 3:

If an admission is approved, year group placement is then approved by the principal. Final approval is done by the Ministry of Education.

Step 4:

Parents will be contacted and informed of the decision and year group placement by the admissions officer.

Step 5:

Upon Acceptance, we require the following documents to complete the student file:
1. A completed HISA Health Form with copies of the vaccination records.
2. Three labeled recent passport-size photos (not more than three months old).
3. One labeled photo for each parent.
4. A copy of the father’s & the mother’s valid ID or passport copy.
5. A copy of the student’s valid ID, if applicable.
6. Original student’s birth certificate.
7. The Original current year reports, if applicable.
8. An Original School Transfer Letter for ALL students transferring from outside Egypt. (Attestation of the letter is required from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin and the Egyptian Embassy in that country.
9. For students requesting bus service, we require a completed bus application form with an additional photo.

Step 6:

Upon receiving the letter of acceptance, parents are requested to pay, within 10 working days to secure their child place. Students are not enrolled until the fees are paid.

Age requirements

The Ministry of Education has set the minimum age of students entering the school. Play School: 2 years and 6 months by the 1st of October
KG1: 3 years and 6 months by the 1st of October
KG2: 4 years and 6 months by the 1st of October
Grade 1: 5 years and 6 months by the 1st of October

KG orientation day

The school management understands that emotional challenge to KG students for being away from home for the first time, therefore, the orientation day for KG students has been designed to help the children adapt to the new environment and help them cope with it through activities and fun educational material.