Our School

At HISA we pride ourselves on being an inclusive school with a positive atmosphere towards children, parents and staff. We believe that together we will succeed.
We have the highest of expectations for achievement and behavior for all children entering the school at different starting points and through supporting, developing and educating children in all aspects in life, to make an excellent progress ensuring that they leave ready for the next stage in their learning.

About HISA

We are always seeking innovative ways to engage children in a learning experience that entice them to deepen their understanding and develop a long life love of learning.
Our curriculum is; thematic in approach engaging children, developing key curriculum knowledge that is balanced with life and learning skills which span beyond the curriculum.
We believe our role is to instill confidence in all; ensuring the creation of the 21st century learners.
We have a strong set of values. Our core values unity, respect, tolerance, freedom and aspiration are the heart of our team and are the central to our curriculum.
We want our values and love of learning to prepare children to become productive members of the society.
We are looking forward to a year that is filled with expectations, opportunities and friendship.

Our Vision

HISA has a different approach to learning. It aims at creating a nurturing atmosphere in which students will feel proactively involved in the educational process students will constantly feel they are surrounded by family and friends.
Harvardians will have all the state of the arts, facilities that modern technology can offer to become productive members of the community. Harvard will cater for the students’ intellectual, personal and ethical growth alike until they are ready to move on to higher education.

Our Mission

HISA team collaborates in order to provide students with a unique interesting educational experience that will enhance their higher thinking skills in order to become the self confident, decision making leaders who have a different mindset that can take initiative, which will enable them to become productive members of the society.

Values and Beliefs

The Values and Beliefs of HISA’s staff underpin everything we do. They create an environment that helps our people, our pupils and their parents understand what HISA stands for. It's more than how we treat one another at work, and how we treat our pupils and their parents.
Our Values and Beliefs help us make sense of our working life and how we fit into the big picture. They are fixed and are unlikely ever to change.

Diversity, Innovation, Leadership, Quality and Trust

We are committed to building our capacity - both collectively and individually - to respond to the unique needs of each student that we serve.

We are committed to seeking innovative methods, programs, strategies, and resources to meet the ever-changing needs of our 21st century learners that will prepare them for their future.

We are committed to building leadership capacity at all levels of the organization through professional development in data - driven decision making, effective communication, and participation in collaborative teams.

We are committed to providing high quality, differentiated instruction for every student through continuous improvement and highly qualified teachers, administrators, and support staff.